Understanding the Medicare AEP or The Annual Filing Deadline

A great way for people with Medicare coverage to make sure that they get the best possible value is to compare the different plans before switching during the AEP or annual registration period. There are four parts of Medicare Insurance Plans that include parts A, B, C / Medicare Advantage and part D. The AEP does not apply to those who have already taken out additional Medicare insurance. However, they are not excluded from switching during the AEP period, especially if they benefit from switching.

Whether you currently have Medicare coverage, a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan, or a Part D (prescription) insurance, you will have the opportunity to make the desired changes once a year during the AEP. This period of time is referred to as “Open Enrollment Period” or “Medicare’s Annual Election Period”. AEP begins on October 15th and terminates on December 7th. Any changes you choose will be effective as of January 1 the following year.

The AEP is beneficial to individuals covered by Medicare insurance plans, as it allows them to make any changes to their insurance coverage each year, if they wish. This means that you can make these changes as your personal needs change. Therefore, you should review these options at least every year prior to the AEP to ensure that you have a plan that effectively addresses these needs.

You should ask specific questions when reviewing your current coverage prior to the annual registration period. For example, did you diagnose any type of long-term illness or medical condition or did any of your prescription drugs change in the past year? If the answer to this is “YES”, you should take a closer look at your current coverage and consider making changes that will benefit you during the AEP, if you have the opportunity.

If you have a Medicare supplement plan as an AEP, this is not for you. You have no restrictions on the season in which you can review your current plan and change plans, if you so desire. It’s important to compare Medicare supplement plans to each Medicare Advantage plan to help you understand the difference. Getting in touch with an independent Medicare insurance broker can help you make sense.

Customer service is something that many insurance agents do not understand. When a Medicare attendee calls to discuss benefits, but then has other questions or concerns, some agents do the bare necessities for that customer. A good agent will take the time to explain something to you and make sure you fully understand every part of the plan’s benefits, the application process, the payment, and so on. A good agent will also keep you as his customer by checking regularly to make sure you are satisfied with your policy.

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Finally, you should bear in mind that plans for Medicare change in a regular fashion and their cost as well. As an instance, the price of your current plan may go down or up every year. Or, if you have a Plan D prescription drug plan, medications can be added or discontinued on a regular basis. Finally, benefits may change frequently, while other Medicare plans may no longer provide coverage based on your geographic location.