Retirement Travel

Traveling is a fun and rewarding way to spend your time during retirement to maintain a fulfilling life. If you want to get the most out of each of your trips, follow these easy steps.

The first thing you want to do when traveling is understand which Medicare supplement plans will cover you while you are abroad. It’s important to be properly insured before you start any journey and make sure you can focus on enjoying your trip rather than any last minute emergencies.


There are so many fantastic places to visit in the world, so plan your trip based on what activities you want to do when you get there or certain attractions you want to see. It’s good to have different excursions planned rather than spending a week sitting in a hotel room in a fantastic city with only getting outside every once in a while to get food or coffee. Hike popular trails, see tourist attractions, rent a boat and go fishing, or rent a bike and tour the city. Remember to bring your camera everywhere you go and document everything you do.

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Try to mingle with the locals a bit and ask them for inside information on the best places to go that tourists might not even know about. You want the local feel whenever you travel and the only people who really know the good spots are the locals. Make friends with them and gain their trust so they give you the right recommendations. Then, actually go do the things they recommend to you! Usually locals don’t want to give away the local secrets, so if they are telling about some place great it must be for a reason. Don’t disappoint them or yourself, go do it and enjoy yourself.


If you have some time to reflect at the end of each night, upload the great photos you took and make a blog post about your day. You could have a whole trip’s worth of fantastic blog posts with nice pictures that documents the entire journey you had. You will love being able to look back on it years down the road and remember what a fun trip you had. It’s also just fun to be able to share your trip with others. Friends and family that follow your blog will enjoy seeing the fun you are having and may even have recommendations of their own for you to explore.