Blog Post Ideas


Keeping an online blog is a fun activity during retirement, similar to your childhood days of keeping a journal. Starting an online blog is cheap and easy, and is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with your friends and family. If you have an internet connection, your web browser can be used for more than just researching Medicare supplement plans.


Blog about things that you are passionate about so that your blog posts come naturally and are easy to follow. Trying to write about things you are unfamiliar with just adds time and stress to the process that you don’t need to add to your life. If you are a mechanic, cars might be a great topic to keep a blog about. Take pictures of cars you like to fix up, talk about your journey finding new cars to fix, or the fun you have flipping cars for a profit. Teaching people new things is a great way to build a loyal following, and plenty of people are interested in learning how to fix or flip cars.


If traveling is your thing, blogging about your adventures is easy to do and a fun way to document all of the places you visit. Take pictures everywhere you go and add them to your blog posts. Try out different restaurants and unique cuisines and make recommendations for people who plan to go to similar places. Plan out future adventures and ask your loyal followers for recommendations on other trips to take or specific attractions to visit. If you have a fan base right in the same places you want to visit, they probably have some great local recommendations they would love to make for you.

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Building things is not only great blog content, but a great hobby as well. If you are a skilled craftsman with woodworking, document yourself building beautiful pieces of furniture. Post them to your blog and talk about why you made that piece and why it’s significant to you. You may even be able to sell some of your pieces if your followers like what you make and your craftsmanship.


Blogging is the perfect way to spend your time wisely doing things that you love, and getting the added benefit of being able to enjoy them twice by blogging about them afterwards. See comments from your followers about how they also enjoy the things you share with them is the icing on the cake.